The Harrowing of Hell (Signed First Edition Hardcover)

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Jonathan Jackson has written a contemporary Paradise Lost. It is illustrated with original artwork. If you are a fan of Jonathan and his art, you'll love this work! If you are a classic literature buff, this book is right up your alley! If you like language and its creative, expressive use, you will be captivated by this story. 

From the Author:

 C.S. Lewis said, “The heart of Christianity is a myth, which is also a fact. The
old myth of the Dying God, without ceasing to be myth, comes down from
the heaven of legend and imagination to the earth of history.”

This book is ten years in the making. I first began writing it when my oldest
son was six years old. He’s now sixteen and a writer himself. I wanted to
write a heroic epic my children could grow up with and pass on to their
children. Now, the time has come to share it with the world.

       My son’s imagination was captured at an early age by the epic stories of
Beowulf and Hercules. In these stories the longing for a hero emerges
naturally and profoundly. As a father, I longed for this enthusiasm and
exhilaration to eventually transcend mythology and ultimately be directed
towards Christ, the Hero of Heroes.

       This poem explores the epic question: What happened between Christ’s
crucifixion and resurrection
? In the ancient Christian Tradition, it is said that
Christ not only suffered and died on the Cross physically, but that He also
descended into Hell (Hades to be more precise) to destroy the power of
death and rescue imprisoned souls, breaking the iron bars of Death and